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* * *
Love is not a fairy tale,
filled with white carridges and laughter
Not a docked shit awaiting to sail
nor will it be the same heart, years after..

Love cannot stop the pouring rain
from rolling down your cheeks
Nor can it forever cloud the pain
you feel in your heart so deep.

Love is not an unwanted guesture
nor just a warm hand to hold
Love is not a smile presured
real love is not the kind on the corner sold

Though some may feel they can buy someone else's heart
they should know as well to set their wants and needs apart.
* * *
Your voice is very distant, like an echo from miles away
And your ears are inching closer, to hear the words that I wont say

My mouth is begining to dry out, staying still without any will to move
The only thing thats speaking, is my mind that wont come in tune

Im staring into your eyes, hoping you have the power to see through
But your looking at my hands, that are reflecting your every move

And deep down inside my heart, I know that there should be something more
but theres no room inside for lovers, something im prone to always ignore.

* * *
Take my hand
that I hold out for you
and i'll show you away
from words so untrue

I'll enlighten your knowledge
of what you thought was real
and show you what it is
to know how to feel

We can walk through welcoming doors
of parties and laughter
or past the druken slurs
but to the quietness that follows after

As long as your hand
is enclosed in mine
I can smile knowing its not just fingers
that are begining to intertwine

* * *
We got lost in a forest
so enchanting the time
Indepth in the woods
where the sun barely shines

But the few rays that tore through
brightened up our eyes so we could see
Mirroring each other to show the love in our reflections
with your arms wrapping, indulging around me

There are places we can go
to see the lights luminate the sky
Remembering, when its cloudy,
that the stars are patiently waiting behind

Reggaurdless of whether we look
they will still be burning the space
Choosing or not to acknowledge the force between us
the passion will always take us to this place.

* * *
She says shes fine
with a glint in her eye
Looking towards the sky
while shes screaming inside

Everyone has guessed
that he made her depressed
But she was at rest
with her head down on his chest

And she smiled at her friends
though nshe knew it had to end
Because they refused to comprehend
that her thoughts were all pretend

But in a moments count
it was his lips embracing her mouth
her kisses, doubling in amounts
two hearts beating togther rapidly loud.

* * *
* * *
So still, under the water
I thought that time had stopped completly
The only thing breaking the silence
was the echo of my heart beating

Just one drop of rain
sends ripples and vibes in every direction
And I sense it hitting hard like concrete
but the clear liquid above me is my protection

My head is feeling so empty
not even thoughts are going in through my brain
Like an escape from the effect of reality
only a cold chill of hallowness remains

My last reaction is to reach out infront of me
my one last attempt to feel at whole
But theres nothing but water to comfort my hand
no other person, no words, not a soul.

* * *
In this girl, theres no soul
it hovers above, rather low
Attached by a ribbon, that her fingers loosely enclose
there are little secrets, that she only knows.
* * *
One slip and you fall
hit hard down below
But sometimes you dont just stop
you continue to go

Than the seconds turn to minutes
and the minutes turn to days
Like your heads in a fishbowl
swimming thoughts in circles away

And when you finally hit the bottom,
like wind against your face
Your so surprised your alive
but your heart still feels empty-for company it craves

Though inside you seem dead
rotting away in yourself
It was your moves that are to blame
your choice in the cards that were dealt

So you can sob away all thats left
and stretch your arms wide towards the sun
Because this nothing that you have
Is everything that you've won.

* * *
Flying so high
legs pumping fast
My heads filled with air
so my lungs cant collasp

And your face disappearss
when my focus is on the stars
Because the skys so vague
its to hard to focus on a picture at large

Feeling free from constant worries
climbing over walls in my mind
Than I leap off this swing
and reality is what I find

And you can either land on your feet
stand straight up and do it again
or fall down and stumble
hesitating to get up and ascend

I'll choose to jump a great height
so I can stay in the air for longer
And when I land on my feet
I'll only be stronger

* * *
My hands, are my own
They are only yours to hold
A lending hand to console
Another way of warming when cold
Sweaty, impulsive, together they interlock and mold
They do for you what your heart was told
My soul is here,but my body was sold
To deception down an enclosed road
To people who believe my hands are'nt my own.
* * *
* * *