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The breeze pushes my spirits to a far away place
to leave behind my worries without an emotional trace
So my mind picks up speed without a sign or a worry
ignoring the tears that my eyes continue forming
The pain on the left side of my chest makes my head turn
but there's no you, or anyone else, no one to help me learn
So this must be right if no one says otherwise
though my reflection shows different, just a face full of lies
I push harder on the ground and curse at the images above
because how could a feeling so right, be wrong to call love
* * *
Let me die today in the warm arms which belong to you,
yo just you,and no one else
No other person on your mind or concience,
just me,and only me
You and me on this unkempt grass,
nothing else but a dirty canal,
Just a canal with no other surroundings.
Such a peaceful day with a slight breeze
not so heavy but just enough.
The sky is so pure with only but one cloud,
just one cloud in the shades of blue heaven,
just one,blocking the sun from our eyes,
Our twinkling eyes with each others reflection in them.
Let this last forever,
this day and each other and the grass,
alongside the dirty canal,with the shade of one cloud,and only one cloud.
If this day were to last forever,and only this day,
there would be no desire for such another,no need for words or movement,
not a care for promises or money,Just us is enough to last forever.
* * *
His hand grabs mine
but I only know that because I was looking down
His heart is racing in his chest
I know that thudding glass breaking sound
The nerves are up and he seems to be enjoying it
As his hands do
Which are shaking in eagerness
As they stretch across my every move
Hes waiting for me to look at him
So he can feel loved and needed
So Ill give him that pleasure
But not before its pleaded
Its not the desire that I live for from him
or any other person that ive got in my sight
im waiting for him to fall hard
For day to break in the darkness of night.
* * *
Theres a fever going around,waiting to catch someone else
you better watch out little girl,its going straight for your heart
It wont stop til it finds you and breaks you apart

The ground isnt as soft as the arms that will fall for you
Be warned its a cold concrete floor that will catch you this time
There are voices reaching over the phone but theres no one on the other line

Listen careful to the grapevines
They know more than you ever will
For they hear much and your as defeaned as your body is still

Stuck in quicksand and you know not to move
You stepped in it knowingly
now you must go down slowly

So how does it feel to get what you want?
To ignore the warnings and the signs
Or was it your heart that made your eyes go blind?

Admit it,the fever caught up to you
Once so emotionless,now you cant bear to be without
the feeling,the thrill,the taste thats left on your mouth.

* * *
Let us dance the night away
welcoming sunrise with open arms
Indulging in the warmness of the rays
but never leaving the sight of the passion in the stars

Moving to the beat and,
The ryhthm of our hearts
Let us not to be discreet
Or our souls to wonder apart

My feet are losing grip
as I become suspended into air
My fingertips run across your lower lip
As I spin and the music blairs

When the twirling comes a slow
The once blured faces are so clear
They can all look at us and know
That together there is nothing else to fear

Im falling hard and im falling fast
Into the arms of the boy who can have me forever
Or as long as the music in our heads last
Until life moves on which will be never

* * *
* * *

When our eyes met from across the room

The time had stood still

I know because I had dreamnt it


And when your hand touches mine

It sends electrifying vibes

I remember the first day I had felt it.


Your voice drifts its way through my soul

I could feel that,and my heart becoming whole

And I could sense it was effecting you too.


I hear that they say 'one who is inlove,is blind'

And I`ve heard that line so many times

that I belive it must be true


Because I see something different in you

And I know that there is much harm you could do

Im not that much of a fool


But you and I belong as something

This tension between us cant possibly mean nothing

And the lies that cover your lips are so cruel


I relize im in denial about all the hurt

Its just something I dont want to give you credit for

Like so many of the other girls


Im sure they felt the same with you

But are your feelings you show to me untrue?

All that we can have together seems so surreal.


* * *
My stomach grows sick
thinking of you,thinking of him
And the smell of deceiving
Leaves my wounds bleeding
But my thoughts wont pull through
And there's nothing anyone else can do
So I must continue on
to my dignity-farewell and so long
With my heart on my sleeve
I `ll pick my self up and leave
For it was me who started this
It was my lips and my kiss
I `ll lie and say im fine
That as long as your happy,im alright
And youll take the smiles and hugs
Youll think that that is love
But you cannot forgive unless you forget
And you know its hard to get rid of regret
So lets watch and see the story unfold
A boy,a girl,stay involve till there old
And where do I fit in?
As the one in the background withstanding a grin?
The one whose heart has been broken in two?
The one whose cries were long overdue..
The one who held it in from begining to last
The one who wants to live in the future not the past.
* * *
A beautiful rose ripped of its petals,
and left with the scent of nothing
Used to be so full of life,
now its only alive for the suffering
And thats exactly how I feel,
like I`ve been raped of all my dignity
I`ll just continue to spill my guts out,
because I know no one is listening
And this piece of paper that holds my thoughts,
filled with scribbles and rips
Doesnt hold me over this feeling
cause I`m still desiring for the taste of your lips
So one by one take off my petals,
then tear my clothes apart
Just for your own amusement
Make it easier for you to get at my heart.
* * *
Forks a girl
whos white and black
Who loves boys and girls
and doesnt talk smack

Her obsession with asians
is quite disturbing
but her anime collection
Is what im yearning

She has a best friend
Who is really cool
and two more friends
that form the 2 kewl 4 skewl

Fork has no talent
but she can sing
And this guy name Jamie
Wants to have a fling

Her Besest friend Lisa
Is inlove with mexicans
And fork doesnt agree
On her taste in them

Forks real name is linda
which means beautiful
She loves them muffins
And she never knew.
* * *
I cant stand to look into your eyes
they show a different message everytime
I cant look at your moving mouth
And cant stand the shit thats coming out
Because your smile shows it all
Your trying to cover up your fall
But Im not so blind that I cant see
Who your looking at when it isnt me
And you think your running some kind of game
Either way its all the same
Cause Im not going to give in
I wont let whats on my mind slip
And I wont ever let you see me cry
Or listen to another lie
The truth will show up soon
Whether or not you already knew
And Im tired of hearing that you care
When your never there
But whatever happens is for a reason
Maybe it will stop the act of treason
And maybe we`ll be better friends
But we wont know until the end
So lets just sit back and whatch how it goes
And see all of our emotions show
the true colors that are within
Im getting really sick of this
* * *
* * *

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